A little about us first!

Hi, I am Shauna. My daughter and I run a home-baking business. Elisa, my daughter was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and partial Down’s syndrome and I was worried sick what she would do after I was gone. So, I left my fledgling law practice to be able to help her set up something so that she is not just confident in life but is also economically independent.

You see being financially independent is the crux of living with dignity:

Very early on in life, I had learned that there is no dignity that you can catch on to apart from the one that you get when you earn your own bread and that philosophy has stayed. Elisa had to be made confident and when I realized that she was a natural baker it was easy to mold her passion with entrepreneurial skills.

And she was doing great!

Elisa had the eye of an expert and she could churn out wonderful recipes. She was hardworking and passionate about succeeding. However, we had to find a source to start funding our business. We were looking at expanding our bakes and cakes repertoire and we were planning on a logo for the business and cards and packaging and looking out to create a distribution chain for the products that we churned out.

And we bumped on to PayPal working capital:

Since we used the social media to spread the good word about our business, a lot of our customers were from out of the area that preferred to pay us for our goods and services online.

When we were scouring the internet for a little help on our working capital, PayPal came out with this brilliant idea of funding small businesses like us who do business via their payment platform. This was nothing short of our prayers being answered.

The benefits that we got with this awesome platform:

  1. The payment terms were flexible:

The repayment of the loan was in consonance with the sales that we did on the platform. Cash flow was so easy to manage that at no point in time did we even feel like a liability of a loan on us

  1. There is only one fee that we needed to pay:

The platform made it clear right from the beginning that there was going to be only one fee and hold your breath, no hikes and no hidden costs whatsoever!

  1. No credit history required!

What a boon this was. It was perfect for us!

  1. Funding was literally a piece of cake!

The process of applying and sanctioning took nothing less than one hour. The approval happened in a matter of minutes. I am so glad that we found what we were looking for. And you?!